Kettle Moraine 
ATV Association
P.O. Box 442
West Bend, WI 53095-0442

Washington County, WI


Our next meeting is:

 Thursday, May 6th at Jug's Hitching post in Kohlsville

7:00pm for the General Meeting

6:00pm for the EC

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Welcome to the Kettle Moraine ATV Association (KMATVA) website.  KMATVA is an organization dedicating itself to addressing All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) issues and pursuing opportunities for future local ATV recreation. 


KMATVA was formed with the purpose of promoting ATV as a safe and social experience while fostering a positive  public image.





If you are wondering about all the new road routes with all the new signs being posted, you may have a lot of questions on what is open and legal to ride on, and what is not. In a nutshell, all town roads in a particular township can be open once posted. This is only the town roads, not the county roads ( letters), state highways (numbers)(exceptions if under 35), or city or village roads. Please become familiar with the township roads in the town you want to ride in and their municipal boundary. It is a very involved process and fortunately there is a website that has all the needed information. go to or click for all the much needed information.

In an effort to allow people to ride in the group they will feel more comfortable in, we are going to ride in 2 different groups.

A casual ride which will ride a little slower and shorter, will be shown in GREEN ITALIC on this calendar. Then there is the little faster and farther ride which will be in RED BOLD on the calendar. The rides in BLUE will have both groups staying together, having breakfast, dinner, and spending the evening together, but riding separate. This will hopefully make for a more enjoyable riding experience for everyone regardless of your riding style.





April 10th


28 Cleanup

We will meet at 9:00am at the Town of Kewaskum Community Center which is located at Hwy 28 and Kettle Moraine Dr. 2.5 miles east of Kewaskum

Bags and vests are supplied but bring proper clothing, gloves, and boots Many hands will make light work.

The club will buy lunch afterwords.

April 10th

Dusty Trails Brush Run

Meet at the parking lot at Hwy 64 just east of Hwy 32 at 8:00am. A bag lunch will be provided

Coordinate with Marvin if interested. Typically they can wrap it up around noon.



Eisenbahn Trail Cleanup

Meet at 9:00am at the BP gas station in Kewaskum. We will divide and conquer to pick up the winters trash around the trail. Has to get done regardless of weather.

Although picking up trash is not on anyone’s list to being involved in any club, we do need to do some community service if we are to get the community on our side.

Again, the club will buy lunch afterwords.

Here is your chance to network and learn about everything that goes into running an atv system here in the state.
Located in Stevens Point. Be sure to check out for the details and coordinate with Tim if interested


Dusty trails

brush run 2

Meet at the parking lot at Hwy 64 just east of Hwy 32 at 8:00am. A bag lunch will be provided

Coordinate with Marvin if interested



April 30th


May 2nd

Season Opener to Dusty Trails

Staying at Mountain Springs Motel and Campground

12482 Hwy 64 in Suring. 


Be ready to ride by 11:00am Friday and 9am Saturday

Join the Kolbach family for some casual riding, some good eating, and plenty of socializing. This is as close to home as we can ride so take advantage of it.




Season Opener

ride to


Staying at The Nicolet Lodge in Florence. 715-528-5996. Located at Hwy’s 70 & 141 on the far west end of town. $55.00 - $75.00??

For those who can't make the Dusty trails ride, or the couples retreat , this may be an option for you.

May 14th


May 16th

Couples Retreat to Eagle River


Staying at Bauer's Dam Resort in Conover.

3597 E. Buckatabon Rd.

Check out for all the cabin detains.

$50 a night a person. RSVP to Tony

On a beautiful lake, with wonderful friends, and lots of laughs.

We will load up as many cabins as we can. Sign up and reach out to who you want to share a cabin with..

May 28th


May 31st

Memorial Day ride to Wakefield, MI

Staying at the Indianhead 

Mountain Ski Resort

500 Indianhead Rd, Wakefield

800-346-3426. It may help to check out and scroll to lodging to see option available this weekend.

If you loved this trip last year you will love it this year.

There are cabins, motel rooms, or condo's available so think about your lodging preferences before you call.

May 27th


May 31st

Memorial day ride to Iron River

Staying at the Lumbermans Inn 715-372-4515

7770 Hwy 2 in Iron River

$80 for 2 queen beds.  

With it endless trails throughout the Chequamegon - Nicolet national forests, and down to Clam lake and Cable.