Kettle Moraine 
ATV Association
P.O. Box 442
West Bend, WI 53095-0442

Washington County, WI


Our next meeting is:

 To Be Determined. 

at Jug's Hitching Post in Kohlsville.

Dinner and Social hour at 6:00pm. 

General meeting at 7:00pm upstairs

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Welcome to the Kettle Moraine ATV Association (KMATVA) website.  KMATVA is an organization dedicating itself to addressing All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) issues and pursuing opportunities for future local ATV recreation. 


KMATVA was formed with the purpose of promoting ATV as a safe and social experience while fostering a positive  public image.





To meet the State of Emergency mandates, ALL KMATVA meetings and events are suspended until further notice.  We haven't had any meetings or events since this all began allowing us the time to evaluate how this was going to play out.  With the state/federal mandates, no meeting or event is worth any of our members health, or life.  Unfortunately, nobody really knows exactly how long this will last - there's a lot of rumors; So as for rides, if we get that far, we'll have to see what mandates are in place at the time - everything is changing so quickly right now.  Some of our members are within the high risk level, and lets admit it; none of us are spring chickens anymore - some younger than others, however still not spring chickens!  The Executive Committee (EC) will stay in contact through email or other non-personal contact ways.  Once the state or federal government give the "all clear" the EC will decide when and how to implement going forward, taking into account everyone's health.

Nobody knows how this virus will play out, and KMATVA isn't an essential organization during these times.  Everyone's health is of utmost importance right now.  If possible, let's lookout for each other during this time. 

Due to the Coronavirus, the club calendar raffle has been postponed for 2 months.  The State of Wisconsin Department of Gaming is allowing a 60-day postponement.  With the Presidents current Stay at Home request until April 30th and our Governors order, Stay at Home could be extended; our May meeting could be cancelled depending on how the virus plays out.  Hopefully, it will be over by June!

Please hold onto any tickets/money you may have until we can meet again.  One of the States requirements is we cannot sell any tickets during the postponement.  We are allowed to sell on the date we begin the raffle again - Not sure why we can't sell, but that is one of the rules!

Another requirement is that we advertise everywhere we can.  Please let those who purchased tickets from you know the calendar raffle is being delayed until June due to the coronavirus.  Personal Contact (using appropriate social distancing standards - phone, email, etc.) will be, one of our ways to "advertise" to ensure compliance with the states requirements.









Memorial Day ride to Wakefield, MI

Staying at the Indianhead Mountain  Ski Resort

500 Indianhead Rd, Wakefield

800-346-3426. It may help to check out and scroll to lodging to see option available this weekend.

If you loved this trip last year you will love it this year.

There are cabins, motel rooms, or condo's available so think about your lodging preferences before you call.

Tim will coordinate this ride so you know it's gonna be good.





Memorial day ride to Ashland

Staying at the Lumbermans Inn 

Call Tony for the new plans

With it endless trails throughout the Chequamegon - Nicolet national forests, and down to Clam lake and Cable, this part of the state is my favorite place to ride.

If you are wondering about all the new road routes with all the new signs being posted, you may have a lot of questions on what is open and legal to ride on, and what is not. In a nutshell, all town roads in a particular township can be open once posted. This is only the town roads, not the county roads ( letters), state highways (numbers)(exceptions if under 35), or city or village roads. Please become familiar with the township roads in the town you want to ride in and their municipal boundary. It is a very involved process and fortunately there is a website that has all the needed information. go to or click for all the much needed information.