Kettle Moraine 
ATV Association
P.O. Box 442
West Bend, WI 53095-0442

Washington County, WI


Our next meeting is:

 Thursday, March. 7th, 2019 at Jug's Hitching Post in Kohlsville

Dinner and social hour at 6:00pm, General Meeting at 7:00pm

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Welcome to the Kettle Moraine ATV Association (KMATVA) website.  KMATVA is an organization dedicating itself to addressing All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) issues and pursuing opportunities for future local ATV recreation. 


KMATVA was formed with the purpose of promoting ATV as a safe and social experience while fostering a positive  public image.






Trail opens Friday, February 15th for atv use

Trust me, no one is more anxious to get riding then us. but for the longevity of the trail system, we need to stay OFF the Eisenbahn during a snowstorm and a day or two afterwords. When a trail is groomed, frozen, and hard packed, atv's have a minimal effect of a snowmobile trail. But after a fresh snowstorm with soft snow, atv's can do significant damage to a snowmobile trail so it is imperative to stay off. With the warmer temps predicted for Tuesday-Thursday, the Eisenbahn trail is still closed in Washington county for ATV use but will reopen on Friday, February 15th. In Fond du Lac county however, it is open now but please use good judgement.

2017 KMATVA Mileage Challenge - Year One

The riding season for 2018 is in the rear view mirror. Only thing left is bragging rights with your buddies around the water cooler. Get you odometer reading in to Kenn and look for the winners to be announced at the Christmas party Jan. 19th. 

2017 Total Mileage Known
  24,890 miles

Top mileage riders:

     1.  Rick Welch - 2,289 miles (UTV)
     2.  Dave Maas - 2,182 miles (ATV)
     3.  Marvin Kolbach - 2,033 miles (UTV)

Thanks to everyone who participated in this years challenge!  Congratulations to Laura Boldt for being the member who guessed closest to the total miles rode!

How many more miles and riders will we have in 2019.  Any members interested in participating, please keep track of your odometer and we are looking for total for the year.