Kettle Moraine 
ATV Association
P.O. Box 442
West Bend, WI 53095-0442

Washington County, WI
For a printable calendar please click HERE


Bring your own lawn chairs


  • Plan your driving to arrive at the hotel by 10:00am. Better early then late.

  • We should be able to check into our rooms and be ready to ride by 11:00am

  • There are plenty of food, drink, and gas stops along the day, but bringing a drink or 2 won't hurt cause there will be a few trail side stops as well. We try to stop at a tavern for drinks and bathrooms but not always.

  • The ride plan will be determined the day of but we typically have lunch on the trail and back to the hotel by 6:00pm

  • We will meet up with any late arrivals and have dinner together somewhere around 6:30.

  • After dinner is lounging around together so hence the lawn chairs.

  • There is usually a tavern in walking distance for those who want to dance the night away.


  • For those who want breakfast, please do so by 7:30am at a nearby cafe.

  • The main ride for the day will head out at 8:30am from the hotel. Only coming for the day, be ready by 8:30am

  • Please be aware with a big group, anyplace you go for lunch will be an hour, so please be   p-a-t-i-e-n-t. We know it stinks, but small town establishments have small town staff.

  • We will ride until about 6:00pm as Friday and have dinner together after the ride, and sometimes ice cream after dinner.

  • After dinner is lounging around together so hence the lawn chairs.


  • Most load up Saturday night and simply head out on their own Sunday morning.

  • Those who ride Sunday will leave very early to be back by 11:00am


  • You are representing KMATVA in the scrutinizing eyes of the public so please remember to always stay on the far side of the trail or road route, obey the speed limits, and be respectful.

  • If an atv on the trail, or a vehicle on a road, approaches you from behind, please be respectful and slow down and pull off to the side when it is safe to do so to let them pass. Do not wait for the leader to pull over since the leader will be the last one to notice someone from behind.

  • Hand signals are very important to let on coming riders know how many people are yet to come, especially the leader and the last. Only if you are comfortable in doing so, let the on coming traffic know how many machines are behind you.

  • Wait for the person behind you at a turn. With dust comes a natural separation. There seems to be a tendency to keep up to the person in front of you cause you don't want to get lost. The reality is to keep an eye on the person behind to keep them from getting lost. Enjoy the clear air when you get it, and NEVER make a turn unless the person behind you is stopped and waiting for the person behind them. This is where most of our problems have occurred. If someone in front of you is waiting for you, please stop and wait for the person behind you. We will have catch up points every so often to bunch everyone up.

  • If you are lost, DON'T PANIC. Missing an arrow, following the wrong dust, or simply not paying attention, is a very common occurrence. With experience comes the instinctive feeling you know when you are lost, and there may be a few of you lost together. It happens to the best of them. All you have to do is STOP, wait for anyone behind you to catch up, and go back to the last intersection you physically saw the person ahead of you. On the flip side, if you are waiting a long time for the person behind you, and they never show, go back to the last spot you physically saw them. Bingo, you two have found each other. Very simple. NEVER head to the next meeting location even if you know how to get there since half the group will be backtracking looking for you.

  • If your machine is having a problem, just stop. Don't ruin your machine to keep pace. If you want the group to stop soon, but not urgent (like to put on or take off a jacket), wait to the catch up point and hold up your hand in the universal stop signal. Need a bathroom stop, at a catch up point, hold up either 1 or 2 fingers to let the leader know the degree of your bathroom urgency to find the next available bathroom.

In an effort to allow people to ride in the group they will feel more comfortable in, we are going to ride in 2 different groups.

A casual ride which will ride a little slower and shorter, will be shown in GREEN ITALIC on this calendar. Then there is the little faster and farther ride which will be in RED BOLD on the calendar. The rides in BLUE will have both groups staying together, having breakfast, dinner, and spending the evening together, but riding separate. This will hopefully make for a more enjoyable riding experience for everyone regardless of your riding style.










Meeting at Kingpin Bowl in Campbellsport at 10:00am located at 404 S. Fond du Lac Avenue downtown.2 games, shoes, soda, and pizza, $15

Whether you want to roll a ball down the lanes, or roll with your homies, and not go bowling, this is a social gathering for eating pizza or your favorite dish.






Located at Holiday Inn in Stevens Point. Hwy 10 one of the first buildings coming into town

Check out for all the details.Coordinate with Tim if you want to attend.





Meets at the Hartford Town Hall located on Hwy K,

¼ south of Hwy. 60. 6:00-8:30? each night.

Must Register at Mikes Motorsports only.

W.303 Hwy 33 on the Washington/Dodge County line.



Dusty trails

brush run

Meet at Mountain Springs Motel and Campground at 8:00am. Bring your machines, chain saws, etc. The Club will supply lunch when the work is done.

Staying at Mountain Springs Motel and Campground

12482 Hwy 64 in Suring. 


Where hwy's 64 meets 32. Friday only. Coordinate with Marvin if interested.




28 Cleanup

We will meet at 9:00am at the Kewaskum Town Hall which is located at Hwy 28 and Kettle Moraine Dr. 2.5 miles east of Kewaskum

Bags and vests are supplied but bring proper clothing, gloves, and boots Many hands will make light work and we will do lunch afterwords.



Eisenbahn Parking Lot Cleanup

Meet at 9:00am at the BP gas station in Kewaskum. We will divide and conquer to pick up the winters trash around the parking lot. Has to get done regardless of weather.

In an effort to keep in good graces, for allowing atv's to park in their lot, we clean the parking lot as a Thank You.




Season Opener to Dusty Trails

Staying at Mountain Springs Motel and Campground

12482 Hwy 64 in Suring. 


Join the Kolbach family for some casual riding, some good eating, and plenty of socializing. This is as close to home as we can ride so take advantage of it. 

May 8-10

Season Opener

ride to


Staying at The Nicolet Lodge in Florence.     715-528-5996. Located at Hwy’s 70 & 141 on the far west end of town. 

$55.00 - $75.00??

Friday night will be a short jaunt to somewhere.

Saturday we will ride to Dunbar.

Sunday we ride until 11:00am.




Memorial Day ride to Wakefield, MI

Staying at the Indianhead Mountain 

Ski Resort

500 Indianhead Rd, Wakefield

800-346-3426. It may help to check out and scroll to lodging to see option available this weekend.

If you loved this trip last year you will love it this year.

There are cabins, motel rooms, or condo's available so think about your lodging preferences before you call.

Tim will coordinate this ride so you know it's gonna be good.




Memorial day ride to Iron River

Staying at the Lumbermans Inn 715-372-4515

7770 Hwy 2 in downtown Iron River

$80 for 2 queen beds

With it endless trails throughout the Chequamegon - Nicolet national forests, and down to Clam lake and Cable, this part of the state is my favorite place to ride.




Float Decorating


If you build it, they will come” For 11 years in a row, we have participated in the Newburg Firemans Parade.

Meet at C & K Services at 4pm (or whenever you can) which is located at 6677 Carmody Ct in Newburg.

Just west of the Sportsman Club on hwy MY



Plymouth Races Food Booth

Sheboygan Conty Fairgrounds. Please be there at 4:00pm, enter gate 2, and meet at the picnic tables on north side of concession stand. Check out for directions and a map.

We need every member and their spouses and friends to help meet our quota. Please, we need everyone to help out since this is a wonderful fund raiser opportunity for the club.


Newburg Fireman’s Parade

Meet at C & K Services at 11am which is located at

6677 Carmody Ct in Newburg.

Just west of the Sportsman Club on hwy MY

Helmets (atv's) and long pants are required and all parade etiquette rules apply. We will need to decorate the atv's in some fashion.



Waubeka Flag Day Parade

Meet in the Americanism Center parking lot at Center and School Streets at 12:00pm for a 1:30pm parade. Located just west of Main St (Hwy H) in Waubeka.

Turn by Stoney Hill Bar, right at School Road.

For those not going to Eagle River, we have a parade you can partake in. This will be a joint venture with the Lakeshore ATV club. As always they celebrate the military.





Eagle River



Staying at the Bridgewater Inn, downtown Eagle River.

Located at 431 Hwy 45 North. 

or 715-479-5153

There are 3 rooms types to choose from so get your rooming buddies and make your reservations soon.

2 queens- $99, 1 king- $104, 2 doubles-$109

This new location has all the amenities that we have grown to love Atving. Plenty of restaurants where we never need to eat at the same place twice, good night life, and gas next door. This is riding in Vilas county which has a happy mix of trail and route riding.




Dusty Trails Poker Run.

Staying at the North Star in Lakewood

Located on hwy 32 on the far north end of town.    715-276-6351

(Mountain Springs is full this weekend)

Check out

for more information on Poker Run. Be sure to keep in touch with Marvin or Rick for the ride details since some do have rooms at Mountain Springs.



Picnic Meeting


Will be at Ridge Run Park in West Bend. Located on University Drive (just west of hwy 45) and just south of hwy 33. 6:00pm.

Watch for the sign up for the dish to bring. We have not mentioned this at the meeting yet.

Simple copy and paste from last year.


South Dakota Ride

Spend 10 days or so riding the hills and valleys of the old west in days of logging, mining, and cowboys and train rasslers. South Dakota isn't just for motorcycles anymore.

Check with Dave for all the details.

Mount Rushmore, Wall Drug, the giant corn thing, With town names like Deadwood, Bear Butte, and Crook City what can go wrong. Plenty of the old west feel with modern day convenience. 


5th, 10th,

or 12th


Chinooks Game

Meet at 4:00pm at Concordia University for a 5:00pm game. 12800 N. Lakeshore Dr in Mequon.

$11 for the game, free parking

Minor league baseball at its finest in a state of the art stadium on the shores of Lake Michigan. Dress warm since the lake can be cold.




Langlade County Ride

Staying at the Trail Inn on Pelican Lake. Located at 

717 Hwy 45 S. in Pelican Lake


(this is a budget  hotel which does not have AC)

Check Pelican Lake Chamber at for more options.

If Motel is full, there are many cabins for rent on Pelican Lake such as Chet and Emil's resort located at 507 Shariden Dr (off Hwy G). 715-487-5512. 







Staying at The Nicolet Lodge in Florence.


 $55.00 - $75.00. and/or

Maxsell's on the east side.

715-528-5511 $79.00 and up

The faster group will leave slightly earlier and go a little farther. The casual group will leave later and be done sooner. Both groups will be back ready for Friday dinner at 6:00 and Saturday picnic at 3:00



Dundee Corn Roast

If the roads are properly signed, meet at Dimo's parking lot at 12:00pm to ride out to Dundee for the Crooked Trails snowmobile club Corn Roast (which is free)

Yes, we can ride our ATV's on the roads out there. You can also ride out to the Red Cabin for dessert as well. Need to verify the roads are signed however.




Ride the Hiawatha

National Forest

Staying at the Hillcrest Inn 

and Motel.

(4 hr from West Bend)

Located at 10154 US 2 in 

Rapid River MI.

906-474-6696 or

This is predominantly forest road riding but I have not been there for 15 years so the mind is a little fuzzy. This region has a 50 inch trail rule, 65 inch route rule. We will ride accordingly depending on who comes.





We will be doing a small variety of tasks along the racetrack. Plan on being at the Washington county fairgrounds from 11am to 4pm

Watch meetings for details. We can provide help to a fallen rider, help in the food tent, ride the atv's around the track to help dry it should it rain or a variety of things.




Labor Day

Ride to

Park Falls

Staying at The Northern Lights Inn in Park falls.

1113 S. 4th Ave. (Hwy 13) 

715-762-2406. for all the poop.

For the budget minded, 1 block down is the 

Hilltop Motel       715-762-3872 or

If you like the convenience of a really nice restaurant right in the hotel, along with a really nice bar, not to mention a pool and hot tub, then this is the place to be. Fast Food across the street, a Kwik Trip next door, this place has it all.




Ride The


Staying at the Townliner Motel on Washington Island.

920-847-2422. This ride is more of a big giant social hug then an atv adventure. We ride to spectacular sunrises and sunsets, moon rises moon sets, and everything in between.

Ann Heer will serve as tour guide for the club to ride around Washington Island off Door county which is 100% atv friendly. If you want to be with fun people more then riding all day, then this is the ride for you.

Must coordinate with Ann.







This is a overnight ride staying in 2 different motels covering Marrinette, Oconto, Florence, and Forest counties covering 500 miles in 3 days. Friday we will leave Lakewood and head north to Pembine. Saturday we will head west and stay in Crandon. Sunday we head south to Oconto and back to Lakewood.

We will stay off railroad grades and roads as much as possible, but will still get enough. Plenty of food and gas stops along the way. Must coordinate with Tony since this ride will change on the fly depending on who goes.

Grand Motel in Pembine 715-324-5417

Main St. Motel in Crandon 715-478-2423




Monroe Prairie

Bear and Coon Hun

Staying at The Shermalot Motel 

in Nekoosa.

1148 W. Queens Way, 

715-325-2626 or for more info.

(Closed for the season, opens in April)

We will ride the day Saturday and partake in the Bear and Coon hunt sponsored by the Monroe Prairie ATV Club starting at 6:00pm Saturday night. This is a more fun social event then an ATV adventure





Charity Ride


Will take place in Anitigo. 3 hotels to choose from;

1-The Holiday Inn. 2407 Neva Rd. 


$95 when mention Charity Ride.

2- Super 8. 535 Century Ave, 


$69 when mention Charity ride

3-America's Best Value

all right near the North Star Lane.

Check out for all the details.



28 Cleanup

We will meet at 9:00am at the Kewaskum Town Hall which is located at Hwy 28 and Kettle Moraine Dr. 2.5 miles east of Kewaskum

Bags and vests are supplied but bring proper clothing and boots depending on weather.




Halloween Ride to Dunbar.

Staying at Richards in Dunbar

located right on Hwy 8. 


Stay here if you want a little faster and farther ride

Dunbar is the center point of ATVing in Wisconsin. You can go north, south, east, or west. Costumes optional this year. We will have dinner and party at Richards Saturday night.




Halloween Ride to Pembine.

Staying at The Grand in Pembine


Stay here if you want a more relaxed ride

Dress up as your favorite Halloween character, or make one up, and only if you want. We will have a dinner party at Paris' in Pembine Saturday night.


Memories Ballroom

Dinner Show

We will be attending “Deer Camp” dinner theater show at Memories Ballroom. A comedy about what really goes on when 4 guys get together to supposedly hunt.

Located at 1077 Lake Dr. 

in Port Washington.

Doors open at 5:45pm, dinner at 6:30, and the show to follow.

 $54 a person for dinner, show, tax, and fees. If we can get 8, we can get a pitcher of beer or soda.







Staying either at the Main Street Motel in Crandon.

With the groomers pulled off the trails for a month now, and the hunters rutting everything up, all that is left ride able is Forest County

With its smooth, wide, easy riding trails through scenic forest lands, and 2 major converted railroad grades, Forest County is has some of the finest riding in the state. Plenty of food and gas stops along the way.



Christmas Parade

Meet at the Regal Wareware parking lot at 4:00pm.

Located at Wildfire Dr and Reigle Dr near the high school.

Plan on decorating the atv's something Christmassy.

We will go somewhere afterwords for dinner