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2017 Wish Kids (Young Adults)

Charity Ride Information


      We're teaming with the Antigo Area ATV/UTV Club this year for the 10th Annual Charity Benefit Ride on October 14th, 2017.  This year we will be raising money for "Make-A-Wish Wisconsin."  Start getting your pledges now for a better chance to win 3 really great prizes. We will list these when we have them locked up. All you need to do is print a Pledge Form from the tab on the left and round up all the donations you can from family, friends, coworkers, school or church people, or even other club members. If people donate only $5 at a time, that amount will add up quickly. For every $100 you obtain, you will get a raffle ticket to enter into a drawing for one, or all three of these prizes. Yes, it is possible to take home all three. For example, if you can obtain $500 in pledges, you will get 5 tickets to place into a jar for a chance to win. Lots of incentive to obtain pledges and its for a great cause. Don't worry, if you have a hard time asking for money, you can simply pay the $25 (individual) or $50 (family) at registration. There will be a grand prize for the largest donor - as in the past.


      You can park at your hotel and can drive your ATV/UTV from the Super 8, America's Best, and Holiday Inn to North Star Lanes. You can not drive on Hwy 45 however, please use side roads and parking lots. Just coming for the day, there is plenty of parking at North Star Lanes.

      Starting Thursday morning, we will hit the trails with the Antigo Area ATV/UTV Club for a fun day of riding.  All are welcome.  Meeting location to be determined.


     Friday morning, even more people will head out riding at 9:00am for the day with Antigo Area ATV/UTV Club. Join us for this if you want, all are welcome. Meeting location to be determined.  Friday night registration will be at North Star Lanes from 5-7:00pm, in the banquet hall. You will be given a wrist band for each person in your party. This will be your Saturday dinner ticket so do not loose it. Dinner is 1 time through (not all you can eat) and your wristband will be cut off or turned in if you choose not to wear it. You will also be entered into a drawing for a door prize that we will post when we have it locked up. Not to mention a blue ribbon for your ATV/UTV to put on to show your support for "Make-A-Wish Wisconsin." If that's not enough, you will have a chance to buy a bulb from the big star for a chance to win a quilt. Feel free to join us for dinner at North Star at 7:00pm. We would love to have you. 


     Saturday registration will be 7:30-8:45am at the North Star Lanes in the Banquet Hall, if you don't register Friday Night.  We would recommend registering Friday night, if possible.  You will be given a wrist band for each person in your party. This will be your dinner ticket so do not loose it. Dinner is 1 time through (not all you can eat) and your wristband will be cut off or turned in if you choose not to wear it. You will also be entered into a drawing for a really great prize that we will post when we have it locked up. Not to mention a blue ribbon for your ATV/UTV to put on to show your support for "Make-A-Wish Wisconsin" and a chance to buy a bulb for a chance to win the quilt. At 8:45am we will have a riders meeting followed by a group photo. From there groups will head out to ride on there own or join others to share the riding experience. For those who need someone to ride with, or are unfamiliar with the trail system, the Antigo Area ATV/UTV Club will have guides, and even a stragglers group so everyone has someone to enjoy the day with. 


Dinner will be from 5:00 to 6:00pm. The menu will include ham, turkey, potatoes, and all the other essentials to stuff our faces. Please do not miss this window. Without knowing ahead of time how many people we will have, and to maintain the high quality of food they are famous for, we politely requests everyone be in the food line by 6:00pm. Food is included with your admission AND there is a cash bar for refreshment.

For those who do not partake in the  ride itself, but just want to hang out, check out the raffles, maybe win a silent auction item, and just share in the experience, we would love to have you. The whole town is welcome, you just won't get to go through the food line however.

At around 5:30pm we will have a dance performance put on by the very talented kids from Expressions Dance Studio from Antigo. Don't miss this must see performance.

Lincoln County has a tremendous opprotunity for some serious mudding depending on the weather. If you are fortunate, (or unfortunate) to have the dirtiest machine, limp it into the roped off area and we will judge them at 6:00pm and announce the winner shortly afterwards.

We will have 3 or 4 raffle tables full of items that we will sell tickets for throughout the night. We will start selling tickets at 5:00pm for the 6:00pm raffle table. Then we will sell tickets at 6:00pm for the 7:00pm table, and so forth. Raffle tickets sell 3 for $5.00, 15 for $10.00, or 40 for $20. There will be some incredible baskets on all tables that you can have multiple chances to win. Since there will be alcohol involved, we ask that only 21 and older claim the raffle prizes  **

There will be a laminated star that you can purchase a $5.00 bulb for a chance to win a quilt. When all the bulbs are replaced from white to blue, we will pick a number, if your bulb number matches, you go home a little warmer then you came.

We will once again have many items to bid on and you can pick up some very nice treasures. There will be stuff for all interests and desires. NEATLY put your name on the sheet and the amount you want to pay and keep an eye on it because someone else may up the ante'. The silent auction closes at 8:30pm and we will award the items shortly after 9:30pm. We will organize the lists alphabetically so if you  are the winner,  go to either the A-H, the I-Q, or the R-Z table. Please print neatly so we can easily read the names.
That's it for now. Thank You and Have Fun. 

** Subject to change




KMATVA is having their Annual Charity Ride as a benefit for "Make a Wish Wisconsin" this year.


This is a family event, where everyone is welcomed to participate.  We have ages ranging from 8 yrs. old all the way to very senior members who are very young at heart.  We welcome riders of all skill levels, and we aim for everyone to have a safe and fun-filled ride.


In the nine years we have been riding for charities, we have raised $84,900!  We are proud to be helping those in need, and are humbled by those of you returning each year, allowing us to achieve that goal.  We look forward to seeing all of you at next year's ride in October!


We also would like to take this time to say thank you to all of the businesses, clubs, and individuals who offered to help us by donating gifts and their time to our cause.  Their generosity allows us to provide some fabulous gifts which only makes the festivities at the end of the ride that much more exciting.  A big thank you to all of you and show them your own thanks by visiting their website, stores, and establishments.