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Club Mileage Challenge

2017 Opening Weekend Photo
In 2017 we started a miles challenge contest.  27 members participated in our first year by giving their beginning mileage and ending mileage, creating a total miles rode over the year.  Not all members participated in our first year, so actual miles would be higher.  The miles challenge consists of several steps:

     First, being a member of KMATVA
     Second, getting starting miles to our Challenge Organizer, Kenn 
     Third (this one is simple), Ride
     Fourth, before the end of the year, get Kenn your ending miles.
     Fifth, attend KMATVA Christmas/Holiday/Winter Party
     Sixth, guess how many miles the club rode over the past year

It's that easy!

The top three members who rode the farthest, win cash!  The member who guesses closest to the total mileage also wins cash!

Total Miles:

     2017 - 24,890 
     2018 - 26,906
     2019 - To Be Determined!!!!!

2018 Top Riders:

     1.  Tony Cypcar - 7,215
     2.  Rick Welch - 2,585
     3.  Chuck Steinert - 2,200
     3.  Roger/Cindy - 2,200

Closest Guess to Total Mileage:

     2018 - Kate Gunst (26,550)
     2017 -. Laura Boldt 

Obviously, the more members that participate in the challenge, the more total miles we'll add.