Kettle Moraine 
ATV Association
P.O. Box 442
West Bend, WI 53095-0442

Washington County, WI


The Kettle Moraine ATV Association and the the Eden Area Trail Runners have worked very hard to get an ATV trail in southeastern Wisconsin. The Trail is a bike trail in the summer, and a snowmobile/ATV trail in the winter stretching from West Bend to Eden and road routs to Dotyville, St. Cloud, and Dundee totaling 60 miles plus. There is almost an infinite number of roads to ride on. This atv trail is on a snowmobile trial can be taken away for any rouge, damaging, or disrespectful riding. The speed limit is 25 MPH throughout, 35 MPH on roads, and 10 MPH through Kewaskum, Campbellsport, Eden, and St Cloud.


4 conditions must apply before ATV's are allowed on this trail, although they do very between counties. 1-The predicted high temperature must be below 29 for entire day. 2-Must not be in the midst or aftermath of a snowstorm. 3-Must be declared 'OPEN' at 262-277-1503 (or Eisenbahn State Trail) for Washington county. 4-Must be declared 'OPEN' at 920-929-6840 for Fond Du Lac county. The two number are always in agreement however. 


Registration and parking for the Poker Run will begin at 9:00am at the Kewaskum Municipal Annex Building which is located on Hwy 28 (Main St) just west of Hwy 45 (Fond du Lac Ave). GPS address of 130 Main St. Cost will be $5.00 a hand for 5 cards or 5 hands for $20.00. There will also be the 2 extra cards for $1.00 option if you almost have a good hand which you can pay to the card dealers. All cards will be dealt here so you will not have to worry about poker cards while riding. Your cards will be logged on an official KMATVA Poker Run Score Card which varies from a normal poker hand very slightly in the effort to get everyone involved. No wilds. If you are new to our poker run, we will have a seperate registration table where we will clearly explain what needs to be done.


Although it is not an ideal situation, we think it is a responsible way to hold a poker run among a pandemic. It will help support a club, give people a chance to ride and maybe walk away with some treasures. In an effort to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus onto us and others, we need to eliminate the big gatherings that happen at the end of the day. Starting at 9:00am, you can register as usual, if you are new to this poker run, we will have a first timers registration table where we will go over thoroughly what needs to be done. Enjoy your day in your small groups and do not be in a hurry to return. Starting at 3:30pm we will open the doors and you can look for your score cards where you registered and we will have them listed alphabetically by last name. There will be a number on your score cards that will correspond to number on a prize table. Simply retrieve a treasure from that table and we ask that you do not hang around any longer then needed. If you think this is an unnecessary precaution, hold off this year but please consider returning next year where we hope to be back better than ever.



Since there will be no gathering afterwards, there is no need for stamps this year. We will still have the Thanks For Coming prize but it will be a random drawing and that will be on the registration as well. 

There are only has 2 places you will need to visit in order to be qualified for the prizes, including the Thanks for Coming $100 grand prize. The first is the West Bend punch which is simply a paper punch located on a sign at Lighthouse Lane and the second is the Dotyville Punch which is located on the directional sign on Walnut street at Pine street.

The ride is over 60 miles (90 to St. Cloud, 120 to Dundee) round trip with stops about every 7 miles. You are free to choose any place you want and try to remember, no need to get a stamp. The roads are no longer marked very well to St. Cloud, please pick up a road route map at registration.


In Kewaskum:               Bootleggerz

In Elmore:                    Bahr Time                        Sandpiper Inn                       

In Eden:                       Dimo's                             The Outpost

In Dotyville:                  The Party Palace.

In St.Cloud:                  Fatboys                            


There will be an small ATV map available for those who need one. There are more places to visit that are not on the Stops sheet and by all means, patronize these places as well. There is gas for ATV's at the BP in Kewaskum, Flood Oil in Eden, (ask at Dimo's how to get there), and a BP in St Cloud. ATV's are not permitted at the Citgo/McDonalds on Hwy 45 by the Sunburst Ski Area.


Although less than ideal, starting at 3:30pm return and look for your last name on your score card on the table where you registered. There will be a number on that score card which will correspond to a number on a prize table. Simply pick up a treasure from that table and away you go. We will divide the prizes into what we think are the financially the highest to lowest with a happy mix of goodies on each table. There is a wide assortment of prizes for almost anyone. The major downside about this is that the person who gets here first will have the first selection even if not the best hand. To help ensure everyone gets a better chance to get a prize, the best 2 hands will be scored first.

This is an excellent trail in pristine condition and can be inviting to go faster than 25MPH. Please resist the urge and enjoy this riding area close to home and have utmost respect for those who worked so diligently to have it opened, and not fuel those who would love to have it closed. There are routes to St. Cloud and Wacousta that are not on the Poker Run. Have fun and Thanks for riding.